We bring the mountains to you

It originated from a French-Swiss couple with a passion for melted cheese. We are proud to use the best artisanal & organic products from The Alps and bring them to you!  

Because rules are meant to be broken, We take ancestral and traditional dishes from the Alps, We mix them up with some creativity & you obtain an incredible visual & tasteful experience you won’t soon forget!

From Private events, office parties, weddings,.. Size doesn’t matter. We’ll work with you to create a culinary experience that will suit to everybody’s taste and put a smile on their face.

Since 2018 we have been standing on The Embassy Festival, The Royal Christmas Fair, and different markets.





The Alpine classic

Melted cheese over a bed of garlic potatoes, pickles & home made red pickled onions

Raclette on a baguette

Fresh baguette, onion chutney, oak smoked ham, melted cheese, rucola & fresh ground pepper


La Tartine

Fresh sourdough bread, fig confit, prosciutto ham, melted cheese & rucola

Tuna melt Tosti

Fresh sourdough bread, spring onions, mayonnaise, parsley, capers, tuna & melted cheese


La Vegiclette

Grilled zuchini and eggplant, fresh sourdough bread, melted cheese & salsa verde

Alpine Tosti

Fresh sourdough bread, caramelized onions, oak smoked ham, melted cheese


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